What Should Be Your Dirty Santa Budget?

Dirty Santa gift exchange is one of the most anticipated parties every year. It’s not just the Christmas atmosphere, but our desire to fave the fun experience that opening interesting gifts brings.

You might be asking yourself: How much should I spend for a Dirty Santa gift? What should be my budget?

If you are going to a Dirty Santa party, chances are the organizer has already set a maximum limit you should be spending on a present along with the gift theme. If there is an amount indicated in the rules for your particular party, try to stay within that limit or close to it. This makes sense, because ideally majority of the Dirty Santa gifts should have a similar value, because it prompts a more lively stealing session.

If the theme is something that’s home made, like food for example, then you don’t have to really concern yourself with price, as funny cookies and such would never really exceed $20 in ingredients.

If you do have to buy a gift, whether in a certain theme or not, and your organizer has not set a maximum price, then a good rule of thumb is to stay within 20 to 25 dollar budget. This is a most common amount spend for Dirty Santa gifts, because there are so many options and it’s also easy on the wallet.

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Dirty Santa Facts

You don't have to stick with regular Dirty Santa gifts and can set a theme as part of the game rules. For example a theme could be "Funny Mugs", "Candles", "Funny Clothing" or just about anything.

When planning a Dirty Santa Party, the organizers must set a maximum amount allowed to be spent on a gift. The most common amount set in rules and spent happens to be 20 dollars.

Unveiling a gift can be as fun as the gift itself, this is why as a trick, people love to wrap a gift many many times to make unwrapping pain in the butt for the recipient. Frustration on the face of the giftee can be priceless.